Welcome to my practice. My name is Trina Welz and I am a therapist who specializes in helping people move past the fears, regrets, and obstacles attached to events from the past. Watch this short video to learn how I can help you put the past in its place so you can be the person you want to be.

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It’s a day you never forget. As the date on the calendar looms closer, you can feel your dread building and you know the depression can last for weeks. It’s the day your loved one died and your life changed forever. You miss them terribly and feel the sadness will never go away. It’s difficult to remember the good times you shared as your grief overshadows everything.

You’re driving in an unfamiliar area and you miss an exit. You immediately hear your parent’s voice in your head and it’s as if they are in the car with you. “You’re so stupid! Why can’t you do anything right?” It’s what always happens when you make a mistake – memories of being belittled as a child come flooding forward, making you feel worthless and incompetent.

The grocery store is a crowded madhouse on a Saturday morning. A man accidentally bumps into you. The smell of his cologne triggers memories of the person who abused you. Logically, you know the man in the store meant you no harm, but you can’t shake the fear and feeling that you aren’t safe. You leave immediately, go home, and lock all the doors, but you still don’t feel safe.

The car accident was years ago, but your injured leg and limp are a permanent reminder. Whenever someone asks about your injury, you are powerless to stop the anger from welling up. You’re reminded of how alone and helpless you felt while you were in the hospital. The anger won’t go away and your day is ruined.

Although the divorce was years ago, it was ugly and painful. You’re left with unresolved emotions – anger, hurt, and sadness. You do your best to mask those emotions and pretend everything is ok, but making it through each day is difficult. You drive past the school where you used to drop off your children and it feels as if the divorce is happening all over again.

Your sister died recently and you are consumed with guilt and sadness. Your head tells you there was nothing you could have done to save her, but your heart says you should have done more. Maybe if you had called or visited more often, she’d still be alive. Images of how she looked before she died keep popping in to your head. It’s difficult to remember your sister as the person she truly was.

You and your partner have decided to stay together. You want to move forward in the relationship, but old resentments keep getting in the way. You can’t seem to let go of times your partner made promises and didn’t keep them, times they did things that hurt you and the relationship, and times when they made you feel insignificant. You feel if you could just move past those old hurts, you could feel better and move forward in your life.

Bad things happen to good people all the time and the results can last a lifetime. Let me help you put the past in its place so that you can be the person you want to be.

Restoring Life & Balance

Life’s Challenges

Life’s most painful moments can come from many sources. Loss of loved ones through death or failed relationships, abusive childhood experiences, physical injuries, or being a victim of a crime are some of the most difficult times to navigate through. Often, those experiences are difficult to let go of. You try not to think about it and tell yourself it’s time to move on.

The Past Intrudes

But despite your best efforts, you find yourself reliving past events. Thoughts of the past unexpectedly intrude into your daily life whether you are at home, work, or with family and friends. You feel unhappy, angry, unsatisfied with your life and blame yourself for not being able to “just get over it.” Even worse, you discover your anger and unhappiness is also affecting relationships with your partner, children, and others who are important to you.

Counseling Can Help

Counseling can help you move forward in your life by freeing you from the fears, regrets, and other obstacles standing in your way. You can reach a point where you no longer define yourself by your past experiences. You learn you are a person of worth rather than a victim. You owe it to yourself to live your life to its highest potential. Let me help you put the past in its place so you can be the person you want to be.